Mindful Parenting

Teacher Training


Content of the training

Mindful Parenting training is a new application of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, for parents who have (had) (mental) health problems that interfere with parenting, or whose child or children have (mental) health problems.

Mindful Parenting is a program of 8 weekly sessions, and a follow-up session 8 weeks later, in groups of 8-20 parents, with sessions of 2-3 hours, depending on the target group. Mindful Parenting is suitable for parents of children of all ages, from babies to adults. The children are not involved in the training.

The goal of Mindful Parenting is to support parents in their parenting, by cultivating present-moment and non-judgmental attention for the child, the parent-child relationship, and parenting, by dealing differently with parenting stress, by focusing on the reality and accepting it for what it is, and by becoming aware of automatic patterns of reacting tot heir children and how these are related tot their own experiences in their family of origin, and by taking better care of themselves as parents.


The program has been developed and tested over the last 20 years by prof. Susan Bögels and her colleagues, and by independent international researchers worldwide, and is found to have profound and long-lasting effects on parental and child psychopathology and wellbeing, on parenting stress, overreactive parenting, parental sensitivity, the parent-child relationship quality, and co-parenting. These results have been found in clinical and in preventive settings, in mental health settings and in somatic settings, and in online applications.

Teacher training program

This intensive Advanced Teacher Training is intended for international (mental) health practitioners with a background in mindfulness training and meditation, who want to use Mindful Parenting with their clients. Participants will receive training in both the clinical and preventive program. It is advised to reserve enough time for studying the literature and manual before start of the training, and for study and the homework in between the training days, in order to get most out of the training. The training will be given in English.

In this Mindful Parenting teacher training the theory, research, but mostly the practice of the Mindful Parenting training is reviewed. Ways of working are:

  • Studying literature (theory and research) and reflection
  • Experiencing mindful parenting practices/meditations in the role of a parent or partner, and reflection upon these experiences
  • Practicing mindful parenting practices/meditations in the role of instructor, reflection upon this experience, and through feedback by the group and teacher further cultivate own skills and attitude
  • The inquiry process with parents, horizontal and vertical
  • Working with group dynamics: the magic of the group
  • Practicing with “difficult” groups/parents, and own reactivity
  • How to apply mindful parenting courses online
  • Discussing setting up mindful parenting courses in own context, including intake and assessments

Participants receive a Mindful Parenting trainer certificate when having been present sufficiently (90%), having shown sufficient (development in) attitude and skills, having shown sufficient self-reflection in the practices during the training, and having written a selfreflection report about their own professional and personal process during the teacher training of sufficient level, all as judged by the teacher(s). In case the selfreflection report is insufficient, it can be rewritten within 4 weeks. In case of doubt about the (development of) attitude and skills, additional supervison can be requested, but this needs to be paid separately.

Course materials
  • To receive: A reader and workbook.
  • To buy (please study in advance):
    • Mindful parenting : A guide for mental health practitioners, by Bögels & Restifo, 2014, New York: Springer, or Norton
    • Mindful Parenting in a busy world: Finding space to be in a world of to do, by Bögels, 2020, Pavilion Publications

    – or a version of these books as translated in your own language.

For whom

The Teacher Training intensive is for psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists, and other (health care) practitioners who work with parents. Because experience is the best teacher, we also work with own parenting experiences from our own family of origin, and for those who are parents, own parenting experiences, and partner experiences.

After completing the Teacher Training Intensive there is the possibility to receive supervision about own mindful parenting groups. Supervision needs to be paid separately.

    • A master in psychology, counselling, psychiatry, or other health care master.
    • Having participated in an MBSR, MBCT or MSC training for oneself, at minimum, or preferably having completed a mindfulness teacher training.
    • Having participated in at minimum a 5-days meditation retreat.
    • Having one’s own meditation practice.

In person: €1250,- and online: €1000,-. Course materials included, books not. Susan Bögels is a registered trainingsinstitute in the Netherlands (CRKBO) and therefore the teacher training is VAT exempt.

Coming Up

Schedule 2025

Mindful Parenting Teacher Training online

Dates: February 16-23 2025
Duration: each day from 12:00-16:00 (Dutch time)
Language: English
Location: Online

MYmind Teacher Training online

Dates: October 19-26 2025
Duration: each day from 12:00-16:00 (Dutch time)
Language: English
Location: online