Susan Bögels

I am a professor in Family Mental Health, in particular the role of Mindfulness, at the University of Amsterdam, psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer for children and parents, and companies. I love to research, write, teach, develop, meditate and think.

I give lectures, workshops, training and retreats around the topics of my expertise and interest, concerning the role of attention and mindfulness in the context of child development, parenting, family and partner relations, psychopathology, health care, science, introspection and creativity, and the role of the father. I provide training and teacher training in mindful parenting and mindfulness for children, supervision, and psychotherapy. I work in the Netherlands and across the world, either by (green) travelling or using audiovisual communication.

As a mother, parent and partner or single, I use my own experiences in my work and aim to translate scientific and clinical insights into books that every person, child, parent or partner can understand. As a researcher and clinician, I feel that the art of introspection is overlooked as a source of creativity and connection. Meditation, drawing, painting, claying, reading, contact with nature and novel writing helps me to reconnect to my inner world and thereby to make the best out of my working life. For collaborations and bookings, contact me at

Foto: Kee and Kee