I work at the University of Amsterdam as a research professor in Family Mental Health and Mindfulness. I started the UvA Family Lab where fundamental research into parent-child interactions takes place and founded the academic treatment clinic for parents and children UvA mindswhere clinical research on the effectiveness of treatment for children and parents is conducted.

A short video on my research ideas (Dutch):

My main research themes are the intergenerational transmission of psychopathology through family processes, and particularly the role of the father, mindfulness for parents and children, and (cost)effectiveness of mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral interventions to prevent and treat psychopathology. I acquired many grants from NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and ZonMW (Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development) for Randomised Clinical Trials on prevention and treatment programs for childhood and adult psychopathology, and for implementation of these programs. My fundamental research into the aetiology of anxiety disorders was awarded with the Aspasia, Vidi and Vici personal grants for excellent researchers belonging in the top 5% of their research area by NWO.

I published over 250 papers in international scientific journals, many book chapters, and wrote and edited many books. I’m in the top 0,1% most productive and cited anxiety disorder researchers worldwide, and in the top 25 of most productive and cited mindfulness researchers worldwide.



Several documentaries have been broadcasted about the mindfulness programmes for children and parents that my team investigated:

Pills or chills

(Dutch/English undertitled, Boeddhistische blik)

Het geluid van een kind dat nee zegt

(Dutch, Boeddhistische blik)

The doctor who gave up drugs

(English, BBC)

Credentials and other relevant information

American Psychiatric Association for the DSM-5

I’m member of the workgroup anxiety disorders of the American Psychiatric Association for the DSM-5.

Current citation index

My current citation index (H-index, Web of Science) is 52.

Research profile

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I frequently give keynotes and workshops at European and World conferences for Cognitive Behaviour Therapies and on Mindfulness conferences.

My conference agenda:

2022: Keynote (online) at the International Conference for Mindfulness, Australia

2023: Keynote and workshop at the World Congress of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Seoul