Teacher training

I provide teacher training in Mindful Parenting, in mindfulness for children (MYmind), Mindful2Work, and co-teach Mindful Child Birthing and Parenting (with Irene Veringa, www.mindingeboorte.nl).

Teacher training is available in English and Dutch. You can enroll in a planned teacher training in Amsterdam or abroad, or invite me to provide a teacher training in your country or institute. See below my teacher training schedule (check updates):


February 18-22, 2020 Hong Kong

MYmind teacher training 


March 5-6, April 2-3, 9-10, 23-24 2020 Amsterdam
May 10-15 2020 Amsterdam
July 6-10 2020 Coimbra


for further information, contact Andreia Azevedo, aazpsi@gmail.com, at Psikontacto

August 13-26 2020 Tokyo

Mindful Parenting. For further information, contact Hiromi Tobe, The University of Tokyo


October 11-16 2020 Zürich
October 29-30, November 12-13, 26-27, December 17,18 2020 Amsterdam

March 4-5, 18-19, April 1-2, 22-23 Amsterdam – MYmind (Dutch) see https://centrumvoormindfulness.nl/opleiding-mindfulnesstrainer/trainersopleiding-mymind-mindfulness-voor-kids

May 9-13 Amsterdam – Mindful Parenting, see https://centrumvoormindfulness.nl/en/teacher-training/teacher-training-mindful-parenting

June Sao Paulo – Mindful Parenting 

Sept 20-21, October 4-5, 18-19, November 1-2 Amsterdam – Mindful Parenting (Dutch) see https://centrumvoormindfulness.nl/opleiding-mindfulnesstrainer/trainersopleiding-mindful-parenting

Sept 27-28, October 11-12 Amsterdam – Mindful2Work (Dutch) see https://centrumvoormindfulness.nl/opleiding-mindfulnesstrainer/trainersopleiding-mindful2work

Nov Taiwan – Mindful Parenting

Nov 18-20 Hong Kong – Mindful Parenting

As a mindfulness trainer and teacher-teacher specialized in mindful parenting and mindfulness for children I provide mindfulness supervision, individually or in a group, face to face or through skype. 

As a registered psychotherapist (number 99038147616), cognitive behavior therapist and supervisor, I provide psychotherapy supervision and N=1 single case reports guidance, individually or in a group, face to face or through skype.

Supervision concerns the content of the sessions, the process of the individual clients and the group, as well as the personal process of the trainer/therapist. I use a mindfulness and schema-focused approach in supervision.



For collaborations and bookings, you can contact me at info@susanbogels.com